RainWriter.com Closing

RainWriter.com is permanently closing since our business has taken us in a different direction. We have been a supplier of Rite in the Rain products for 9 years and very much appreciate the quality of their products and the professionalism that they have shown. 

For your future needs, all Rite in the Rain products can still be purchased directly from the manufacturer at www.RiteintheRain.com

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers for the past 9 years that we have been in business. If you have any questions about the sale or anything else, you can email or call us.

RainWriter.com Team


What is Rite in the Rain?

Rite in the Rain is a water-resistant paper! It's great for hiking, field reporting, surveying, fishing, hunting, and more.
The paper is wood-based and recyclable, but unlike normal paper, it won't turn to mush when exposed to rain storms, sweat, oil, grease, mud and more.